Ocean Space

A collaborative platform for Ocean Imagination and Ocean Action

In March 2019, I had the opportunity to join forces with Base Design on a very special project. The project entailed creating a website based off a branding they created for Ocean Space, an art venue in Venice.

Ocean Space


I think the key word to describe this project was: Agile. We were on a limited timespan and the identity, digital design and development were all worked on and improved within the same month, which is highly unusual for Base. I thought this way of working was really interesting though, since it allowed me to work closely with the developers and learn a lot through that.

Ocean Space Catalogue Mock-Up Inside © Branding Mockup — Base Design

The main concept of the identity was horizontality. We tried to incorporate this into the website as much as possible, but still with accessibility in mind. You can mainly see the concept coming to life with navigational items. For example we have the big hamburger menu and the gimmicky navigational lines on the homepage, where every page itself is connected to a certain color.


To have the full experience, I'd recommend you to go to the website.

Activities Ocean Space — Activity Overview

As you can see, we applied the horizontality to the activities calendar as well. The full-width date picker fits the concept and is still accessible to users. This is my personal favourite page of the website.

Phones Ocean Space — Mobile Site Mockups

Because of the time constraints, I tried to work component based. This meant that throughout the website we could use the same components/blocks in different places, this definitely saved the developers some time. You can especially see this on all the content pages, which have the same general layout, with the same component possibilities.

The layout of the Activity Detail and Exhibition Detail, was purposefully designed differently than the content pages. In this way people can easily differentiate an exhibition, an activity or a general content page just by looking at the page.

ActivityDetail Ocean Space — Activity Detail

— All mock-up credits go to Base Design