Arcadia Custom

Arcadia Custom designs and creates high performance window and door products for the luxury residential market

In November of 2018 I was asked by an LA Based Agency to help them out with design and animations for a luxurious window and door company. I was very excited to take on this opportunity, since it was one of my first transatlantic freelance projects.

Arcadia Custom


The client wanted a very custom website: One flexible template design for regular text based pages and custom templates for e.g. the product page, contact, homepage, categories etc. Which meant a lot of templating :)

I started out by creating a general moodboard and wireframes for each and every page. Once those were approved, after several iterations, I could start designing. You can see the final result live here.

What I particularly liked about this project is that I got a carte blanche in terms of "branding". I had to keep the logo, but colors, typography and overall feel were all up to me. I also liked that I could go crazy with animations. I generated some animations and guidelines for the developers so that they could implement my vision.



Fun note: This site has been awwwarded with an honorable mention!